HK equipment Photoshoot by @ur_photographer

Did a quick photoshoot with founder, Justin Nucum, and the HRDKR Equipment: Ab Sliders and Sandbags. Also featured: "We Are Hardkour" Tee & "HKP x MNM Men's Training Shorts" Francisco has been a supporter of HKP since the initial video of introducing what HKP was and what HKP stood for. Fast forward today, Francisco still [...]

Slide Your Abs Away!

NEW SHIPMENT OF HARDKOUR PERFORMANCE (HKP) SLIDERS! - If you've ever hit the gym and noticed those small—often purple and teal—discs in the stretching area and wondered, WHAT’RE THOSE?!?!?, you're not alone. - Sliders are a unique piece of exercise equipment that allow you to do some fun and challenging exercises, ranging from push-up variations [...]