Why do you have two websites?

is our official site designated for Online Shopping and Class Registrations.

is our blog site where you can find all the Latest News and Media Coverage.

Are you one company?

Yes. HKP Media is a sub division of Hardkour Performance.

When will I see my photo(s) up?

We understand how proud you are of getting through your Hardkour Workout(s) and are eager to share your experience(s) with your peers. Class photos typically get uploaded within 1-3 Days post workout. This varies widely to the volume of media covered and media staff on duty.

NOTE: Not all classes are covered. However, we try our best to do so.

Can you use some help with media coverage?

Yes! We are always looking for help creating new media content and class / event recaps.
If interested, please Contact Us for more details and info.

How can I get featured?

Simply use our hashtag #WEAREHARDKOUR to be discovered via Instagram.

Any content promoting the Hardkour Performance brand will automatically be reposted and featured on all of our channels.

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